Korwin Consulting has built a reputation for producing high-quality work that is responsive to our clients’ needs and engages them in interpreting findings to ensure that the final product is useful and reflective. Partnering with us helps our clients to learn and informs their ongoing practice.

Identify Community Strengths

  • Conduct interviews, focus groups, and planning retreats
  • Design and disseminate surveys
  • Develop data dashboards and other visual representations of findings
  • Collect demographic and psychographic data from local, regional, state, and federal data sources
  • Conduct broad-based literature reviews

Build Capacity

  • Provide one-on-one coaching with organizational leaders
  • Convene staff, organizational leaders, and community members for learning and evaluation capacity building (ECB)
  • Develop resource tool kits (e.g., sample evaluation tools, protocols, best practices)
  • Facilitate program development

Evaluate Impact

  • Create theories of change and logic models to articulate purpose, approach, and indicators of success
  • Design evaluation plans, frameworks, and methods
  • Develop and review data information systems
  • Employ a wide array of evaluation tools to measure impact (e.g., surveys, focus groups, storytelling, interviews)
  • Bring and co-develop frameworks and tools for clients using art for social change