Women’s Funding Network

Women’s Funding Network

Through a network of more than 120 women’s funds and foundations, The Women’s Funding Network (WFN) provides gender justice leaders and advocates with a variety of tools to help them succeed—from research and education, to strategic-led initiatives and events, to advocacy and unifying a collective, amplified voice. Korwin Consulting has worked on several projects with WFN over the years. Most recently, we were integral to the process and evaluation of Women’s Economic Mobility Hubs (WEMH) (2020 – 2021), an initiative in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that invested in 9 U.S.-based women’s funds and foundations implementing place-based models to increase economic mobility for women and gender expansive people and their families. We assisted cohort members in identifying joint metrics to track collective progress and impacts; provided evaluation coaching with the executive and program staff of individual members; and developed interim and final reports and presentations on the achievements, challenges, and lessons gained through this initiative.

Before this, we conducted an evaluation of WFN’s Two-Generation Policy Advocacy Cohort (2017 – 2019), providing evaluation coaching, developing a policy advocacy evaluation webinar for this learning cohort of women’s foundations from across the country, and conducting a mixed methods evaluation about cohort members’ experiences, motivations, and policy outcomes from their individual and collective efforts.

Korwin Consulting also worked as a strategic evaluation partner in WFN’s Partnership for Women’s Prosperity (PWP) — a partnership of U.S. women’s foundations working to help economically vulnerable women and girls gain economic security through education, job training, and employment opportunities — from 2012 through the initiative’s sunset in 2017. Korwin Consulting’s evaluation of PWP revealed that using a systems change framework, which includes emphases on five key approaches — effective programming, creating strong and effective linkages, improving the political environment, developing a strong infrastructure, and taking efforts to scale — can successfully position both local programs and national initiatives to effect change on key social issues.

Download the Partnership for Women’s Prosperity Systems Change Framework report here.


Additional projects with WFN include working with the WFN Fund for Shared Insight initiative, which highlighted best practices women’s foundations are using to increase their openness and transparency.

Futures without Violence

Futures without Violence is implementing the Workplaces Respond to Domestic and Sexual Violence Pilot Site Program, a federally-funded pilot site program seeking to address the problem of sexual violence in low wage industries in the United States. The program works collaboratively with worker associations, employers, and anti-violence advocates to develop and promote sustainable, industry-focused, locally and culturally-relevant trainings, education tools, policies, and practices that prevent and respond to domestic and sexual violence and stalking. Korwin Consulting is designing and implementing an evaluation of this program, including developing self-sustaining evaluation tools that partner sites may use to evaluate future impact.

Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota (WFM) is a statewide community foundation investing in innovation to drive gender and racial equity. Korwin Consulting has partnered closely with the Foundation since 2015 by integrating evaluation into its strategies to advance equity for women, girls, and gender-expansive people with an emphasis on communities of color and low-income and immigrant communities. Korwin Consulting serves as the evaluator for many of the Foundation’s initiatives, developing and implementing evaluation strategies that will maximize the impact of its grantmaking programs. Recent and ongoing projects include:

  • Evaluating the various components and strategies of the Young Women’s Initiative (YWI). A public-private partnership between the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the state of Minnesota, YWI is a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment that centers the leadership and solutions young women and gender-expansive people who identify as Black, Indigenous/Native American, Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander, LGBQ+ as well as those who are from Greater/rural Minnesota and those with disabilities.
  • Ongoing partnership with Foundation staff to continue to develop its culture of reflection and strategic learning.
  • Korwin Consulting worked closely with the Foundation to evaluate Minnesota Girls Are Not For Sale, a $7.5 million campaign, launched in November 2011 to end sex trafficking in Minnesota through grantmaking, research, public education, and policy change. Some evaluation efforts focused on understanding the impact of demand-reduction strategies, prevention strategies, and outreach and services to those most impacted by sexual exploitation provided by key community partners in advance of and during the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis.
  • Other work has included working with the Foundation to develop and implement evaluation strategies to maximize the impact of its grantmaking programs; providing an evaluation capacity building workshop for Foundation staff and Pathways to Prosperity (P2P) grant partners leading programs to build women’s and girls’ economic security at or in close partnership with community colleges; and partnering with the Foundation to evaluate implementation and impact of its strategic plan.

Families Thrive

Research shows that witnessing domestic violence greatly impacts children’s healthy development, including their emotional, mental and physical health. Families Thrive brings together organizations in the community to marshal resources and support partnerships to address the needs of children, youth, and families impacted by domestic violence. Korwin Consulting evaluated Families Thrive’s strategies, provided evaluation coaching to participating partner agencies, and developed a data dashboard which was used to increase awareness, strengthen practice, and pass policies that support individual agencies and collective efforts to create a more responsive system for children exposed to domestic violence.

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence, an initiative of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, is a public/private partnership designed to reduce domestic violence, family violence, elder abuse, and human trafficking in Contra Costa County. Authorized by the California legislature as the first Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence county (SB 968), the initiative is aligning policies, practices, and protocols; coordinating services; and creating a climate where violence and abuse are not tolerated. Korwin Consulting worked with Zero Tolerance to strengthen the initiative’s evaluation practice, with an aim to building more effective strategies.

Support Network for Battered Women

Korwin Consulting evaluated the Victim Advocacy Project, an early intervention model that enables the Support Network for Battered Women (SNBW) to proactively reach out to victims of domestic violence and provide them with access to support and services. Through an analysis of the domestic violence victims’ characteristics and program service delivery, as well as interviews with SNBW staff, detectives at participating police departments, and clients, this evaluation identified aspects of the program that are working and those that may need to be strengthened.

San Francisco Department on the Status of Women

Korwin Consulting conducted a needs assessment on behalf of the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women to better understand violence against women and girls in San Francisco. We assembled an experienced 12-person team reflecting the cultures and proficient in the languages most spoken by community members. We translated protocols and conducted focus groups and interviews in multiple languages—Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Arabic—resulting in a final product that continues to inform program practice and funding of anti-violence programs in San Francisco.

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence, a Santa Clara-based comprehensive domestic violence agency, contracted with Korwin Consulting to evaluate the HomeSafe transitional housing program. Through a combination of key informant interviews, focus groups, and data analysis, Korwin Consulting’s retrospective evaluation of HomeSafe provided Next Door with the information needed to determine HomeSafe’s future program direction.


Narika seeks to confront the problem of domestic violence in the South Asian community and address the unmet needs of abused South Asians within a culturally sensitive, linguistically diverse model. Korwin Consulting assisted Narika in designing an evaluation for its Survivor Economic Empowerment and Development (SEED) program. SEED aims to prevent domestic violence and foster a safer community by strengthening the economic self-sufficiency and self-confidence of South Asian women through the development of leadership skills and the encouragement of personal and professional growth.

Korean Community Center of the East Bay

Shimtuh is the first Korean domestic violence program in the San Francisco Bay Area. A joint project of the Asian Women’s Shelter and the Korean Community Center of East Bay, Shimtuh provides linguistically and culturally sensitive services for Korean American survivors of domestic violence and their children and collaborates with others to prevent and eradicate domestic violence in the community. Korwin Consulting designed and implemented a mixed methods evaluation of the Shimtuh program’s work and outcomes under the Blue Shield Against Violence program Strong Field Initiative.