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Korwin Consulting works closely with a broad and varied network of staff and consultants bringing diverse languages, cultures, and other key skills and experience to each initiative. This collaborative model allows us to pull together the right team at the right time.

Robin Horner
Robin Horner
Arica Berry
Cynthia Surya
Evaluation and Operations Assistant
Nico Herzenstein Punkar
Evaluator/Project Lead
Justin Nalley
Evaluator/Project Lead

Camille Baclay

Ankit Rastogi
Evaluation Strategist

Gica Lantin
Human Resources and Operations Assistant

Alexandra DelValle
Evaluation Strategist

Robin Horner, Principal

Robin Horner (she/her) is an experienced evaluator with strong skills in analytical inquiry, project and team management, writing, communication, and the development of quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools. An associate and evaluation manager with Korwin Consulting since 2003, she is the firm’s current principal and owner. Robin starts by listening to clients and understanding the “big picture” of where they are and what they need to learn in order to bring about meaningful change at individual, community, institutional, or systemic levels. She has expertise in building clients’ capacity to design flexible and responsive learning strategies that center community voices and equity principles, participate in assessing the impact of their work, and use evaluation findings to help build more effective and sustainable initiatives. She designed workshops and convenings to help the California Youth Connection, Positive Women’s Network-USA, and economic justice grantees of the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi to build their internal evaluative culture and has led strategic learning and theory of change development with the New York Women’s Foundation. In addition to her work with Korwin Consulting, Robin has worked on projects with other evaluation teams and independently. She holds a master’s in public administration with an emphasis on nonprofit organizations from San Francisco State University and is a member of the American Evaluation Association. She has worked as a teacher (K-12, including underserved youth) and done paid and unpaid work with organizations addressing gender justice, mental health, and public health issues. She has a background in and ongoing passion for the performing arts and is a lifelong learner of language, culture, and social justice.
Arica Berry Photo

Arica Berry, Evaluator

Arica Berry (she/her) brings insightful attention and a commitment to continuous learning and quality improvement to all of Korwin Consulting’s projects. She has over 12 years of experience working in nonprofits and higher education and three years with Korwin Consulting. She has developed, evaluated, and analyzed programs; designed curricula and workshops; and was the project lead in various workforce development initiatives. Her work has also included mobilizing volunteers to assess and identify community needs that propelled them to take steps toward rebuilding neighborhoods across the country. Colleagues describe her as focused, driven, and a critical thinker with a strong work ethic that consistently delivers excellence. Arica’s passion and inspiration stem from a quote by Mary Church Terrel: “Lift as You Climb.” It is this quote that has served as the catalyst not only for her previous work, but for her projects with Korwin Consulting, including the Groundswell Reproductive Justice and Groundswell Liberation Fund evaluations and Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, developing theories of change and conducting analyses for initiatives of the New York Women’s Foundation, and leading a focus group and presenting impact findings for Forward Together related to the Stepping Into Power initiative. She is proud to be supporting organizations working for social justice and policy change in their communities. Arica received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Florida A&M University and a Master of Business Administration from Cleveland State University. She enjoys exercising, singing in her church choir, and caring for her two boys.

Cynthia Surya Photo

Cynthia Surya, Evaluation and Operations Assistant

Cynthia Surya (she/her) supports our evaluation work in areas of quantitative and qualitative analysis, copyediting, and data visualization. She is also heavily involved in the set up and maintenance of the firm’s operational and human resources needs. Her willingness to learn and take on new challenges allows her to tailor her skills to meet the unique needs of Korwin Consulting and our clients. With a background in communications and research, she has developed strong writing skills, great attention to detail, and analytical skills to detect patterns, interpret, and communicate data.

Cynthia obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from San Francisco State University, where she focused on communication strategies, social justice movements, and environmental and gender studies. She enjoys building relationships and expanding her worldview through stories and understanding data. Her passion is to help create a better world for all through community healing and systems change. She volunteers for nonprofit organizations, such as GLIDE San Francisco and Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco.
Nico Herzenstein Punkar Photo

Nico Herzenstein Punkar, Evaluator/Project Lead

Nico Punkar (they/them) has nearly seven years of experience as an evaluator — bringing strong writing skills, data analysis, data visualization, project management, and evaluation tool development to our work. They are passionate about supporting clients to embody their values and maximize their impact by providing them with meaningful, accessible, and actionable insights about their work. Nico has played key roles in evaluation projects with clients including Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, Groundswell Fund, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, and the New York Women’s Foundation.

Nico has a background in research, public policy, and youth development and has worked with public health organizations to develop innovative solutions and implement policies that improve access and quality of care for low-income populations. They have mentored youth to provide energy efficiency services and resources with Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, a community-based organization that provides career training to youth and free energy audits. They provided in-depth qualitative data analysis in the UC Irvine School of Social Ecology for a project researching violence among youth in detention facilities to inform reforms in the California Department of Juvenile Justice. Nico holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Law and Society with a minor in Queer Studies from UC Irvine. They are currently earning an Executive Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management at CU Denver. They enjoy live music and have traveled extensively to continually learn and broaden their worldview.
Justin Nalley

Justin Nalley, Evaluator/Project Lead

Justin Nalley (he/him) is an experienced researcher and evaluator, applying these analytical skills to advance social justice in the nonprofit and public sectors. Justin builds relationships at the grassroots and grasstops levels to advocate for change through coalition facilitation and project management. As an evaluator with Korwin Consulting, Justin focuses on qualitative and quantitative evaluation and program design so that our clients, including Driving Force Group, Women’s Funding Network, and Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, are equipped with information to create systemic changes. Justin worked with American Institutes for Research (AIR) to conduct an impact evaluation through the federal Investment in Innovation grant on an early childhood literacy program. He has also worked with Psychometric Solutions to evaluate a workforce development program ensuring that justice-impacted individuals in Virginia have access to education and training. In his public sector capacity, Justin evaluated budget allocations for academic programs within an urban school district for equitable distribution of funding.

In addition to Korwin Consulting, Justin works at a nonprofit as a policy analyst, where he handles budgetary analysis at the local and state level, drafts legislation, and lobbies state elected officials on civil rights and civil liberties issues. This work includes advocating for issues such as: equitable funding of public schools, expanding discrimination protections in public schools for gender identity, and the requirement of attorney presence at youth interrogations. Justin studied at University of Maryland Eastern Shore and earned a bachelor’s degree in business at Temple University and master’s public administration from West Chester University. Justin is a member of the American Evaluation Association.

Camille Baclay

Camille Baclay, Evaluator

Camille Baclay (she/her/siya) brings a commitment to honoring the lived experiences of Korwin Consulting’s clients and the communities those clients work with towards social justice. She is guided by the value of kapwa—a Filipino value that embodies interconnectedness: “I am you and you are me”—and an orientation of understanding and connecting with individuals of all walks of life. While her professional experience in a support capacity span over a decade with different organizations in both the private and public sectors, some of her most memorable and impactful moments have happened while serving on the executive board for the Parent Teacher Association of her sons’ elementary school, where she learned how vulnerability, community outreach, and collaboration are key to enacting change. Her collective experience to date has honed her skills in leadership, community advocacy, program management, and evaluation. Her meticulous attention to detail and skills in research, copyediting, data analysis and visualization, and design and development of evaluation tools, reports, and trainings have helped produce high-quality work for past evaluation projects for Korwin Consulting’s current and past clients, including California Youth Connection, Coalition for Abortion Access and Reproductive Equity, Groundswell Fund, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, Women’s Foundation of Mississippi, and the Women’s Funding Network. She has an educational background in business management and sociology. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her husband and two boys, supporting her sons’ passions in music and tech, recognizing the little signs of her ancestors’ presence in her daily life, and exploring the streets of San Francisco for its vast mural artwork.
Ankit Rastogi

Ankit Rastogi, Evaluation Strategist

Ankit (they/them) is a quantitative methodologist with over a decade of experience using statistical research to inform social movements. Their passion is turning advanced quantitative methods into tools that are clear, useful, accessible, and pleasing to the eye. Further, they bring an understanding of race and other systems of oppression to their work. They are committed to increasing the level of political consciousness in the field of statistics and bringing the power of data to social movements. Ankit’s analytic approach helps community leaders use data to effectively target their resources in service to racial justice. Before joining Korwin Consulting, they supported a range of organizations from small, grassroots nonprofits to the NYC Department of Education, analyzing data from the second largest survey in the United States. Their scholarly work focused on race and place, racial integration, and political participation and centered the perspectives of people of color who live in suburbs and rural areas.
Gina Lantin

Gica Lantin, Human Resources and Operations Assistant

Gica Lantin (she/her) is a compassionate, amiable individual with a passion for community, connection, and growth. She identifies as a forever student/learner, craving new activities to try as well as deep diving into research and ideas. She’s most excited about project management as well as exploring team engagement and community building. She believes that every team member’s health, well-being, and joy are most important in creating an environment for abundance and success in any company. Gica has over three years of experience working in a non-profit organization leading behavioral assessments which have helped individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive equal employment rights, pay, and opportunities for long-term success. She is inspired by Korwin Consulting’s approach and feels so excited to work with a company of similar values.

Alexandra DelValle Photo

Alexandra DelValle, Evaluation Strategist

Alexandra DelValle (she/her) brings more than a decade of experience within philanthropy and social justice movements to the Korwin Consulting team. Through her work at the Groundswell Fund and Third Wave Foundation, Alex led efforts to resource and build the capacity of reproductive and gender justice movements in the US and organized funders to increase their giving to the reproductive justice sector. Her analytical approach to interpreting and communicating data helps community and philanthropic leaders understand how to turn evaluation findings into concrete steps toward their goals. In addition to her work with Korwin Consulting, Alex supports foundations, individual donors, and nonprofits to strengthen their work and more deeply live into reproductive justice values.


Korwin Consulting was established by Lisa Korwin, as a way to put her deep commitment to equity and social justice into action. Under her leadership for over 20 years, Korwin Consulting provided evaluation, strategy, and capacity-building services to hundreds of nonprofits, foundations, and public agencies. By the time of her retirement, she had developed a nationally respected firm and cultivated high standards of professionalism and a consistent commitment to justice and equity among her staff. These values are upheld by Korwin Consulting, LLC today.