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Korwin Consulting works closely with a broad and varied network of staff and consultants bringing diverse languages, cultures, and other key skills and experience to each initiative. This collaborative model allows us to pull together the right team at the right time.
Robin Horner

Robin Horner (she/her)

Cynthia Surya (she/her)
Operations Manager

Gica Lantin (she/her)
HR & Operations Officer/
Research Assistant

Justin Nalley (he/him)
Senior Evaluator

Alexandra DelValle (she/her)
Evaluation Strategist

Robin Horner, Principal

Robin Horner (she/her) brings a passion for helping individuals and organizations access the information and experiences they need to live their core values and fulfill their missions. She holds deep commitments to gender, racial, labor, and other forms of social justice to her work. Robin leads the firm’s strategic direction, internal culture, and external relationships. With careful listening, she helps our clients design flexible learning strategies aligned with Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation (CREE) principles and trust-based philanthropy so they can implement effective, sustainable, and transformative initiatives.


Robin holds a master’s in public administration with an emphasis on nonprofit organizations from San Francisco State University and is a member of the American Evaluation Association. She is a lifelong learner of languages and dance, and her background in activism, teaching, youth mentorship, and the performing arts help shape who she is and what she brings to our work.

Cynthia Surya Photo

Cynthia Surya, Evaluator/Operations Manager

Cynthia Surya (she/her) is dedicated to fostering a more just and equitable society through her work in supporting clients’ social justice efforts. With a passion for learning and storytelling, she supports clients in amplifying community voices through participatory evaluation methods, brings keen attention to nuance in data, and prepares user-friendly reports and other deliverables to present findings. Additionally, she manages the company’s operational needs, establishing and overseeing systems that help us function well.

Cynthia holds a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from San Francisco State University, where she focused on social justice movements and environmental and gender studies. Through continuous learning and reflection, she is committed to refining her skills as an evaluator and stays updated on emerging methodologies and best practices in the field.

Gina Lantin

Gica Lantin, HR & Operations Officer/
Research Assistant

Gica Lantin (she/her) prides herself in her passion for community, connection, and growth. She is an advocate for independence and equal opportunities for children and adults within the IDD community. With an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) certification and background, Gica is drawn to utilization-focused methods of evaluation and data collection. At Korwin Consulting, Gica supports the Principal and Operations Manager in coordinating administrative and operational tasks and enjoys building the team’s sense of community and connection. She also assists the evaluations team with quantitative and qualitative data analysis. She believes that every team member’s well-being and joy is most important in creating an abundant environment in any community.


Previously, Gica worked with a non-profit organization, leading behavioral assessments and report writing and helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive equal employment rights, pay, and opportunities for long-term success in independent employment. When Gica isn’t working, she spends most of her time going to dance workshops, playing basketball, and training in Muay Thai. Gica’s most impactful activism experiences involve visual and physical displays of art. She’s excited to be working with a firm committed to making an impact!

Justin Nalley

Justin Nalley, Senior Evaluator

Justin Nalley (he/him) connects the stories of resilient communities with data to measure impact. He has over 10 years of research and evaluation experience, applying these analytical skills to advance social justice in the nonprofit and public sectors. As the firm’s senior evaluator, Justin coordinates data analyses and leads participatory evaluation strategies such as appreciative inquiry and ripple effects mapping, so that clients are equipped with the insights and information they need to create systems change.


Previously, Justin conducted an impact evaluation on an early childhood literacy program with American Institutes for Research (AIR) through a federal Investment in Innovation grant. He worked with Psychometric Solutions to evaluate a workforce development program ensuring that justice-impacted individuals in Virginia have access to education and training. He also has experience as a policy analyst, conducting budgetary analyses at local and state levels, drafting legislation, and lobbying state elected officials on civil rights and civil liberties issues. Justin studied at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore before earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Temple University and a master’s degree in public administration from West Chester University. Justin is a member of the American Evaluation Association.

Alexandra DelValle Photo

Alexandra DelValle, Evaluation Strategist

Alexandra DelValle (she/her)  believes that evaluation is key to ensuring and demonstrating impact. She brings more than a decade of experience within philanthropy and social justice movements to the Korwin Consulting team. Through her work at the Groundswell Fund and Third Wave Foundation, Alex led efforts to resource and build the capacity of reproductive and gender justice movements in the US and organized funders to increase their giving to the reproductive justice sector. Her analytical approach to interpreting and communicating data helps community and philanthropic leaders understand how to turn evaluation findings into concrete steps toward their goals. In addition to her work with Korwin Consulting, Alex supports foundations, individual donors, and nonprofits to strengthen their work and more deeply live into reproductive justice values.


Korwin Consulting was established by Lisa Korwin, as a way to put her deep commitment to equity and social justice into action. Under her leadership for over 20 years, Korwin Consulting provided evaluation, strategy, and capacity-building services to hundreds of nonprofits, foundations, and public agencies. By the time of her retirement, she had developed a nationally respected firm and cultivated high standards of professionalism and a consistent commitment to justice and equity among her staff. These values are upheld by Korwin Consulting, LLC today.