Youth In Mind

Youth In Mind (YIM) is a statewide, constituent-run organization made up of young people impacted by the mental healthcare system and seeking to promote positive change through leadership and advocacy within the field. YIM envisions a mental healthcare system that provides all youth ages 12-28 with developmentally appropriate psycho-education, empowerment, alternative health care, and peer support services in which youth will be involved in decision making on individual, local, and policy levels. YIM members participate in member leadership summits, mental health conferences, and local advocacy opportunities.

In 2010/2011, YIM built its organizational capacity by inviting members to participate in two capacity building convenings where they could strengthen leadership and advocacy skills. Korwin Consulting worked closely with YIM staff to develop and disseminate post-conference surveys tracking convening participants’ experience and learnings. We analyzed survey results to assess whether and how participation in these convenings changed youth members’ knowledge, well-being, and capacity to more actively engage in changing mental health practices and policies.