Women’s Funding Network

The Women’s Funding Network (WFN) is a global network of over 100 foundations investing in social justice around the world that accelerates women’s leadership and invests in solving critical social issues—from poverty to global security—by bringing together the financial power, influence, and voices of women’s funds. WFN provides member funds with ongoing access, training, tools, and support to help them increase their investment, influence, and impact. Since 2012, Korwin Consulting has worked as a strategic evaluation partner in WFN’s Partnership for Women’s Prosperity—a partnership of U.S. women’s foundations working to help economically vulnerable women and girls gain economic security through education, job training, and employment opportunities. We are assisting the PWP cohort in tracking outcomes that illustrate the effectiveness of a collective approach to accelerating and scaling the impact of women’s philanthropy on this issue at local and national levels. We also have worked with WFN to develop common measures for all WFN members to use to benchmark progress in building women’s economic justice.

Korwin Consulting is proud to announce the release of the report “Using a Systems Change Framework for BIGGER Impact.” This report shows how using a systems change framework which includes emphasis on five key approaches — effective programming, creating strong and effective linkages, improving the political environment, developing a strong infrastructure, and taking efforts to scale — can successfully position local programs as well as national initiatives to effect change on key social issues.

Download the Partnership for Women’s Prosperity Systems Change Framework report here.