The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis

The Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis (WFGM) aligns people, resources, and community-based services through two-generation (“two-gen”) approaches to reduce poverty and build communities of well-being and prosperity, where women live in self-sufficiency, strength, and safety, sharing their leadership and empowering their children. WFGM’s Young Women’s Initiative (YWI) focuses on young women and girls of color in severely under-resourced Memphis communities ages 12–22 who face grave disparities and inequities. WFGM’s YWI integrates authentic community input, young women’s leadership, and collaborative cross-sector partnerships between philanthropy, nonprofits, and government to develop sustainable strategies that will improve the lives of young women facing the greatest barriers in Memphis and, ultimately, Tennessee. Korwin Consulting partnered closely with WFGM to evaluate data from statewide listening sessions, conduct stakeholder interviews, and review planning materials to develop its YWI launch brief, Young Women and Girls Forging the Future: The Young Women’s Initiative of the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis.