Nuestro Texas

The Nuestro Texas campaign was developed by the Center for Reproductive Rights and National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health in response to severe limitations in access to reproductive health care in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. One of the poorest regions in the U.S. and home to a large population of immigrant and U.S.-born Latinos, the Valley has some of the most profound barriers to health care in the country. It also has a highly organized network of powerful women — “Las Poderosas” — fighting for their human right to reproductive health care. Launched in 2013, Nuestro Texas supported the women of the Valley as they demanded local, state, and federal policies that would promote their reproductive health and support them in building strong and healthy families and communities. Although the campaign officially ended in the late spring of 2016, activists in the Valley continue to use the Nuestro Texas strategies, publications, and messaging in their ongoing struggle for better reproductive health care access.

Korwin Consulting is using a mixed methods approach to evaluate the structure and strategies of Nuestro Texas. Our analysis includes a review of communications and reports related to the goals, development, and implementation of the campaign; interviews with partner and ally organization staff members, policy makers, and human rights experts who gathered and listened to stories told by women living in the Valley about the impact that the lack of health care access had on them and their community; interviews and focus groups with Nuestro Texas activists; and an examination of media coverage of the campaign. Nuestro Texas partner organizations will use the evaluation findings to strengthen their future work in reproductive justice and human rights and to inform others in those fields about effective strategies, the benefits and challenges of partnership on the campaign. We also will work with lead activists in the Valley to provide findings that will be useful to them and their teams of Poderosas.