Our Approach

KORWIN CONSULTING centers equity and inclusion, identifies community strengths, deepens organizational capacity, and evaluates and communicates impact. We know that many organizations struggle to find time for the thoughtful reflection that leads to program refinement and true social change. By working with Korwin Consulting, you will be able to more fully reflect on your work and achieve social justice impacts by:
  • Accessing critical information about your work to inform strategic thinking.
  • Validating what’s working and acknowledging what’s not.
  • Identifying mid-course corrections that better position you to achieve desired impact.
  • Communicating your strengths to key stakeholders.
We bring personalized attention, creative pragmatism, good listening, and a fundamental belief in the inherent wisdom of each client. Korwin Consulting has built a strong reputation as a leading evaluator of social justice programs and initiatives. Our work with the philanthropic, nonprofit, and public sectors is founded on these principles:
  • We can all contribute to fostering a more just society.
  • Everyone’s voice must be heard.
  • We must thoughtfully reflect on the past to inform the future.